Every moment you publish a piece of new content or refine a webpage, you probably check to see how many new visitors come to your site. You may even border on checking your traffic obsessively. Though we think about it all the time, we usually take a “sit back and wait” approach for visitors. After all, you can’t force anyone to visit your website.

Nevertheless, it’s not quite as straightforward as “if you build it, they will come” And you want more traffic, and greater search engine visibility, even if you’d like to get anywhere with your site and your business. You cannot scale a business without a healthy stream of website visitors. So, how can you go about getting more traffic to your website?

Organic search is your golden ticket.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is traffic that comes to your website when someone types a query into Google and clicks in your organic listing in the search results.

Anytime someone lands on your site in the search engine results pages (also called SERPs), you are receiving organic search traffic.

You understand how important search engines are. You use them daily. To get more visitors on your website through organic search, you should hire professional SEO in Dallas to get more traffic and potential customers.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

  1. Organic search traffic brings in highly qualified prospects

It’s good to have power in numbers when it comes to traffic. But just as important are the things which cannot be quantified.

I’m speaking about the quality of traffic.

You need the type of traffic that will convert to customers, right? Of course, you do! How can you determine the quality of a visitor? Search intent.

Anyone who types in a search query has a particular intent. And they’re anticipating the content they find from the SERPs to satisfy that intent.

If you can understand the search intent of your prospective clients, it is going to transform your promotion in several ways.

You will have the ability to predict what keywords your potential customers are most likely to use.

It’s easy to begin targeting keywords without a structure or plan. But that is a mistake.

When your prospects are searching for information, they’re probably using one of four keyword types.

  • Informational keywordsare used when searchers are on the hunt for information. They need solutions to problems, answers to their questions, and insight into a specific topic.
  • Navigational keywordsare used if someone is looking for a specific website. If they type in your site, product, or brand, that is a navigational search.
  • Transactional keywordsare used when somebody is ready to convert. Conversion doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing a product. It may mean making an account, downloading an eBook, enrolling in a free consultation, etc…
  • Commercial keywordsindicate purchase intent. If a person uses this kind of keyword, it is highly probable they’re buy-ready.
  1. Organic search traffic is a sustainable approach

Wish to know the unfortunate thing about PPC?

It requires constant investment, maintenance, and manipulation. Sure, you’ll get quick results. But it’ll be short-lived.

The second you stop pumping money into paid traffic, you eliminate all momentum. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is evergreen.

That means it requires time, however, the results are long-lasting. As soon as you set search engine visibility, then it will serve your company for years after it’s executed.

That’s not to say that there is not any maintenance in an organic traffic strategy.

The SEO landscape is changing. You can’t just “set and forget” your traffic system. The algorithms and ranking elements evolve. You have to keep on top of those alterations to maximize your results.

All nevertheless, a natural traffic strategy is as near as you’ll reach a traffic system on autopilot. And just another reason why organic visitors are important.

  1. Organic search is cost-effective in the very long run

Here’s the scenario. Paid traffic campaigns are costly.

Check out the average CPC for some top industries. These are the costs of one click. Mind you, that is a click that is not guaranteed to convert a client.

With paid campaigns, you have to keep optimizing and testing the ad creative to lower your CPC and increase your CTR.

You can imagine it takes a massive budget to even set a paid campaign in motion. And it takes just as much to keep maintaining it.

On another hand, an organic strategy is high-impact and low-cost. We will explain why, but let me say this first. Organic visitors are not free. It takes time and money. The difference is, it is still less expensive than PPC and will give you a higher ROI in the long term.

For starters, the assets that you develop for an organic strategy appreciate. Think about all the tasks that you might invest in to drive more organic traffic.

  • Content creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Brand building

All your content, social media, brand, and other online assets that you create in that procedure are there to stay.

And they keep going up in value as time goes by. Even when you stopped investing in organic search, these resources would still be working for your business. You would get traffic because you have built an ecosystem that fuels itself.

  1. Organic search traffic provides you a competitive edge

If you want to be even remotely competitive in your space, SEO is non-negotiable. Odds are, your competitors are pouring money and time in their traffic.

They’re targeting high-value keywords. And they’re doing everything that they can to dominate the search engine results. On a fundamental level, it means you cannot ignore SEO.

However, the competitive benefit of organic traffic isn’t only about playing catch up with your competitors. It is possible to one-up them and secure your place as the preeminent brand in your space. Here’s the reason why.

If you dominate search results, it’s easier to dominate your market. Imagine should you control search results, it’s simpler to control your marketplace. Imagine your content appears on the first page of results for the best keywords in your niche.

That kind of benefit is gold. Traffic and potential customers that would’ve otherwise gone into your competitor now belong to you personally. The best part?

With organic search, you don’t need to outspend your competitors to outrank them.

The more natural visitors you have, the more money you have in the online space.

Have you ever heard the expression, “attention is money?” That is the unbridled truth.

The more eyes you have on your site, the more power you command.

You’ll have more opportunities to get links to your website, and more individuals will be clamming for a chance to get backlinks from you.

  1. You get to plug the holes in your marketing approach

Here is the thing. Your web visitors are not homogeneous.

This implies that everyone accesses your site by taking a different path. You might not even be able to track that first point of contact for every single visitor.

Maybe they first heard of you offline. But generally, it is possible to track that touchpoint.

The advantage? You can satisfy your prospective clients exactly where they’re.

You can also be sure you’re not bleeding revenue due to friction somewhere along this path.

How does that work? When you focus on organic search traffic, then you’re compelled to take the struggle to multiple advertising fronts.

While SEO outperforms all other channels seeing ROI, it doesn’t always work in isolation. Email marketing, content marketing, social networking, and other stations can all serve your SEO strategy.

We will tell you something about entrepreneurs who are genuinely worth their stuff.

They constantly build contingencies in their marketing funnels predicated on a few key things.

  • Who their customers are
  • Where these customers are coming into contact with their business
  • Past behavior of the customers

Closing thoughts

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online enterprise. Finding these coveted eyes onto your site isn’t always easy. The fantastic news is, you have a lot of alternatives to drive visitors, each with their benefits. You may either use paid stations or organic search.

Which one wins in a fight?

When you were a betting man, we would suggest placing your money on organic search traffic.

As intriguing as it is to see a fast surge in visitors from an effective PPC campaign, we’d take sustainability on a short-lived win any day. And that is only the surface.

Utilize the insights, implement the action measures, and keep competitive with the help of professionals like ioVista Inc.

What has organic search traffic for your company?