Physically & Mentally Fit

To understand how to use health affirmations, you need to get a crystal clear comprehension of what they are.

Affirmations are simple and concise positive sentences that are written and stated in the present tense. They are meant to dispel any negative thought loops that may creep into your mind. Therefore, they’re creating new thinking patterns that gravitate toward positivity, inspiration, and motivation.

What Are Health Affirmations?

Health affirmations, in particular, are simply affirmations centered on your health: psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual. You may imagine how this may be an incredible game-changer when we consider our wellness regimen.

We are often too hard on ourselves and lose steam when we’re working out or hitting a plateau on our weight loss journey. Implementing affirmations steers us from digging ourselves deeper into the negative “rabbit hole.”

It changes the management of our thoughts into a more positive mental state, which helps us deal with depression, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses.

The Science Behind Health Affirmations

Affirmations have a long-standing in the psychology field. A renowned U.S. psychologist Claude Steele coined the term Self-Affirmation Theory that empowers our understanding of affirmations today.

Steele’s theory asserts that everyone is motivated to uphold some view of themselves, be it moral, competent, strong, and/or capable human beings. This self-affirmation enables us to maintain our drive to be happy, healthy, and better individuals.

When external conditions arise that challenge this view, we drop into exactly what Steele calls “psychological discomfort.” We can think of this today as depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. They all stem from this imbalance of how we self-affirm that we are.

Steele also contended that the self-affirmation theory isn’t about creating a sense of perfection of who we are. It’s about nurturing the things we are passionate about and in which we locate worth, and exercising a sense of flexibility and deeper understanding from those areas.

Benefits of Utilizing Health Affirmations

Like we previously mentioned, words carry energy and power. Like anything worth pursuing, however, affirmations still require training.

You will get the most advantage from them if you practice them consistently. For many, this can be an everyday ritual. For others, it is on an “as required” basis, when they feel like they require an energetic “pick-me-up.”

The wellness benefits vary greatly; wellbeing affirmations are known to reduce health-related stress. This is because we are altering the psychological mindset.

If we can present positive and powerful statements to the way we think, that will create a ripple throughout the entire body. Subsequently, the physical body can only flourish and flourish.

Think of your body as an easy machine that can only function efficiently if all of the parts are functioning together. When the mind is in a positive place, the body follows, and vice versa.

How to Use Health Affirmations for Your Physical and Mental Health

Health affirmations function best when stated out loud, in the present tense, and with positivity.

Some folks like to say before they meditate or while meditating to help anchor their thoughts into their mindfulness. Others like to say while exercising or when they are feeling challenged in an exercise regimen.

The affirmations help guide them back to their center and to why this regiment things in the first location. It is a powerful shift in outlook!

Another enabling and healing way to use health affirmations is by stating them in front of a mirror. By viewing yourself and meeting your gaze, your affirmations are intensified.

Imagine that you’re sending these words and that the energy is cleansing, healing, and supporting you. If you are beginning this clinic for the very first time, it may feel awkward, forced, and inauthentic. Keep going and stating them, anyhow!

Decades of bad mental self-talk isn’t something that may be reversed immediately. By continuing your practice with health affirmations, you are not just re-building how that you self-affirm that you are, you are learning how to be deserving of that which you are. Be gentle and kind to yourself.

Below is a listing of strong health affirmations which you can choose from, for physical and mental health:

  • I’m happy, healthy, secure, and free.
  • I hope my wisdom.
  • I listen to my intuition; it always steers me right.
  • I believe in myself.
  • My body is healthy and thriving.
  • I’m powerful and capable of amazing things.
  • I’m loved and encouraged.
  • I am exactly where I want to be.
  • I choose to be joyful.
  • I fully accept and love myself.
  • I am doing my best, and my best is enough.
  • When I fall, I am motivated to get back up.
  • I’m brave and not afraid to keep going.
  • I am safe and secure.
  • This, too, will pass.
  • I am the sky, not just the clouds.
  • I love you (do that one as you gaze at yourself in the mirror).
  • I am beautiful.
  • I am on a trip, ever-growing and developing.

There are many sources from where you can gather more affirmations. Mindfulness specialists such as Louise Hay have a page on their site dedicated solely to affirmations that were designed for you to pull every day.

There are also phone applications, such as Think Up and Kwippy, which offer a randomized pop-up of affirmations daily.

No matter where you find your affirmations, the magic is in how they make you feel. As time passes, these phrases will become strong bursts of energy that you’ll feel in each area of your body. If this doesn’t occur straight away, don’t allow it to discourage you. After all, it is still a practice.

Lastly, affirmations thrive when you can develop with yourself. If you can create a brief sentence on your own, you’re nearer to its healing as it is coming directly from the source: you!

Final Thoughts

Health affirmations are short and succinct sentences that are said out loud, in the present tense, and in a state of positivity. Not only does this practice change how we believe, but it also ripples through the body, making everlasting change for our optimum health.

It may sound too good to be true that simple words can have this impact, but our thoughts are a vast network of spectacular possibilities. If we can change the way we believe with all the words we choose to use, our entire idea of health can radically change.